Philippos Zagorianakos: We are committed in Greece

01 Δεκεμβρίου 2014 | Investing in Greece
Said the Managing Director of LEASEPLAN HELLAS




Having shown a positive trend after 11 years of presence in the Greek market, LeasePlan aims to keep on offering services of the highest quality and added value to its costumers by empowering at the same time its presence in Greece.

LeasePlan Hellas has been operating in the Greek vehicle operating leasing market for 11 years, posting positive growth rates and stable turnover increase despite the challenges and difficulties emerged due to the generalized economic recession. Could you provide us with some specific figures about the company’s aggregates and the strategy you adopted to generate this outcome?
In LeasePlan Hellas we aim at providing the best vehicle operating leasing and customer management services while the strategy we follow is based on offering value-added services that meet the needs of our customers in the most optimal manner, abandoning any conventional solutions and practices. Therefore, it is true that we have achieved as a company to be on the path towards growth, recording a 17% increase in our turnover from 2010 to 2013 whilst our goal for 2014 is to continue the upward trend and to increase both our fleet and the portfolio of our partners.



Equally positive were the results of LeasePlan Corporation, which in 2013 achieved an increase of 35% in net profit, reaching €326 million, simultaneously augmenting the total number of vehicles to 1.37 million and the total number of employees from 6,296 to 6,571 compared with the previous year.

How many vehicles does currently your fleet hold and what goals have you set? What is the investment volume of LeasePlan Hellas concerning this matter?
Recording a significant increase compared with 2012, we currently hold 11,100 vehicles and serve more than 1,100 customers. In 2014 we aim at further increasing our fleet, both as a whole and in our separate sections, such as the fleet for small and medium-sized enterprises. Undoubtedly, we invest systematically and consistently in vehicles, because for us in LeasePlan Hellas, our vehicles in conjunction with our human resources are the two main factors that contribute to the best customer service and successful operation.

Some time ago, you launched new offices in Thessaloniki thus strengthening your powerful presence in the northern Greece. Why did you move forward with this particular strategic choice and what investment moves did you proceed with and plan to proceed in order to further develop the market in question?
Our new offices in Thessaloniki were indeed a strategic choice for us, as our aim was to fulfill in a comprehensive and personalized way the ever-growing needs of our customers in the local market of Thessaloniki and the wider geographical region. Strengthening the local market and supporting the local community and economy constitutes a long-term goal of LeasePlan Hellas and this is why we have chosen to invest in large cities, supporting their economy and providing competitive services for the best possible service of our existing and potential customers. Our future plans involve the further expansion and enhancement of business activities of LeasePlan Hellas in the city, thus contributing to stimulating the local society and economy and creating additional jobs.

Are you planning to invest in developing new segments of the Greek vehicle operating leasing market as well as incorporating new technologies?
The Greek vehicle operating leasing market is constantly evolving and LeasePlan Hellas follows the same development path, providing specialized services for large companies, medium and small-sized enterprises and for professionals and individuals as well. Therefore, our investment plans involve the development and management of new segments in vehicle operating leasing market.

We have recently launched the category “Small Fleet”, providing services to smaller businesses that need one to three company vehicles while we launched the online service “LeasePlan direct”, through which we inform the general public about the monthly offers so that both the individuals and businesses will benefit even more by choosing every month the most advantageous suggestion, which fully meets their needs and requirements.

Another program that we implement in order to offer added value to our customers is “SafePlan”, which was launched in Greece and it has been adopted by six countries of LeasePlan Group (Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Turkey and Germany). This particular program focuses on the theoretical and practical education of Drivers’ Safe Driving of corporate fleets and it aims at molding responsible drivers who drive more safely and adopt a proper driving behavior.

The company invests significantly in its human resources and its development, boasting distinctions and awards such as the Best Workplaces. Could you describe your strategy and policies in this field?
In LeasePlan Hellas we believe that our people are the driving force of our business activity and development course we follow. Currently, we hold 75 employees in Athens and Thessaloniki, having created 10 new jobs compared with 2012.

The strategy adopted in this field is embedded in the good working relationships we have built, the pleasant working environment and the trust we show to our people, rewarding them for their devotion and diligence, regarding them valuable partners. At the same time, we invest annually in educating our workforce, as we believe that our employees’ professional development and specialization entails the optimal customer service and the better identification and fulfillment of their needs.

Furthermore, LeasePlan Hellas exhibits significant activity in Corporate Social Responsibility. What are the actions you perform and which is the philosophy that inspires you?
Our philosophy in LeasePlan Hellas is embedded in contributing to society and generating value for the people. In this context, the company is planning a comprehensive set of corporate responsibility programs, focused on children, society and environment, such as the program “ChildPlan”, which aims at supporting children in developing countries and the program “GreenPlan”, which supports companies which wish to have a greener footprint with respect to their corporate fleet.

At times, we have undertaken important initiatives to support Non-Profit Organizations, by, for instance, organizing theatrical performances with a view to collecting money to aid charities or by carrying out fleet donations with a view to serving the needs of selected NGOs, such as ARCTUROS and AROGI. Moreover, reforestations in the framework of actions for the care and preservation of the aesthetic forest of Ymittos, gathering clothes, toys and food to support the work of Medecins du Monde are some additional indicative initiatives carried out.

Do you esteem that the Greek economy is on the road to recovery, offering opportunities for entrepreneurial moves and investment initiatives?
The crucial turning point is behind us, yet this does not mean we should stop striving for the best possible outcome, as every crisis is an opportunity for reorganization, restructuring and empowerment. In this context, LeasePlan is committed to continue to offer the best quality services and added value to its customers, strengthening its business presence in our country in response to the challenges emerged in the ever-changing economic environment of our country.