Naya Kalogeraki: Here, Together

01 Δεκεμβρίου 2014 | Investing in Greece
Interview with the General Manager, Greece and Cyprus Business Unit of COCA-COLA HELLENIC




The company that is part of Greece for more than 45 years and creates a better future with the Greeks

Has your company left its imprint on the Greek society? How many employees does it employ and how much has it provided to the State through tax and social security contributions the last few years?
In Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon we firmly believe that being part of Greece for the last 45 years and experiencing the current reality of the market, as it has been shaped after 5 years of economic recession, it is our responsibility to support the Greek economy and society. Today our company contributes significantly to the country's labor market and has a very important impact on the industries that are its key raw materials suppliers for for the production of its products and on those associated with its distribution and sales activity.
We feel really proud of our family counting  employees all over Greece and this feeling of pride is getting even stronger when considering the indirect impact of our macro-economic activity. According to the research of economic impact, annually carried out by FEIR on our behalf, our company creates direct & indirect 30,000 jobs in the production and distribution chain.



At the same time, it is our duty and we actually contribute substantially to the tax revenues of the Greek state. It is worth mentioning that the last 10 years we paid about 1 billion euro through tax, social security and other kinds of contributions.

Therefore, Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, even in the midst of the difficult economic climate in which it operates, does not only constitute a leading Greek company in the category of non-alcoholic beverages but it is also an organization which contributes actively in the economic life of our country, manifesting a great sense of responsibility.

How many products are traded in the Greek market by Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon? What is the production rate performed in our country and how many Greek producers does it collaborate with for the supply of raw materials?
In Greece, we currently produce 96% of the products distributed to the Greek market, inspired by the same passion since 1969 and acknowledging that we offer the consumers some of their favorite products. In order to produce them, we work with 4,000 suppliers in Greece, who are driven by the same sense of responsibility and pride concerning the joy we offer to our consumers.

The 200 product and packaging codes traveling daily from our production units in Greece to reach 120,000 outlets we collaborate with obviously demonstrate that our company is present, here, in Greece to generously offer joy and smiles to its consumers.

What is the investment volume performed by Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon in recent years in Greece?
Overall, the last two years, we have invested €275 million in upgrading our production units and our infrastructure as well as in enhancing the Greek market. It is worth noting that in 2014 the investment of €11 million has already been put to operation concerning the upgrade of our production units in Schimatari, in Boeotia and Aegio.

A significant part of these investments relates to innovation and technology, so that the Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon products will continue to lead the market developments. An indicative example is the pioneering juice packaging, DreamCap, which was a unique innovation in the category of mass-consumption and wide distribution items. It is a friendly to the environment package that offers a unique experience of pleasure and outstanding functionality to consumers who lead a hectic life.

The company upholds its strong commitment to the Greek production to proceed with investments in order to constantly meet and adapt to changing consumer preferences. We never cease to evolve and create pioneering high quality products with enhanced nutritional properties, which constantly gain the consumer preference and confidence.

For 2014, the company has announced a series of investments amounting to €11 million to upgrade its production capacity. Can you analytically explain what exactly does your plan involve?
During 2014, our company will proceed with significant investments to upgrade and enhance the productivity and efficiency of its facilities. During the last four years, in the unit of Schimatari, which has been operating since 1989, we have invested €18 million in renovating and streamlining our buildings, in strengthening and modernizing our production lines. The new investments in Schimatari target at enhancing the production capacity of the plant and at achieving the optimal management of energy resources and water. Another significant investment totaling €3 million is being held in the plant in Aegio, where the natural mineral water AVRA is produced, with the aim of upgrading its machinery and building facilities.

Nevertheless, we believe that investing in equipment is not enough alone. It is extremely important to us that we stand next to the citizens supporting essentially the future of the Greek society. Through major initiatives that we undertake every day and by sympathizing with the difficulties encountered by consumers as well as through continuous investments in social programs and social initiatives across Greece, we are here and we build a better future in collaboration with the Greeks.

The company is substantially engaged in Programs of Corporate Social Responsibility, investing annually in improving the quality of life of local communities and moving forward with stimulating entrepreneurship and employment in Greece. Can you briefly display your actions and the investment volume required?
Responsibility is not a simple commitment for Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon but it is a part of its DNA. Οur actions of social and environmental responsibility, have reached of the Greek society, investing annually about €3 million in optimizing the quality of life of local communities. For all of us in Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, it is our duty to deliver value and significant benefits in the areas we operate. Αs the long-term growth of our company is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the local communities of the regions we operate.

Speaking about specific initiatives that have appealed to people all over Greece, I would indicatively mention the saving of 39 million liters of water through rainwater harvesting systems installed on 25 islands in the frame of “Mission Water”, a program that contributes substantially in ensuring the sustainability of the islands where applicable, mitigating the water shortage issue. Also, I could not help but refer to the renovation and improvement works carried out in totally eight schools in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki in 2012 and 2013, through the integrated program “The school you want is up to you” as well as to the free medical examinations offered to thousands of residents of the 28 prefectures of Greece, rolling out a program of preventive medicine entitled “I care for my health”.

What is your comment on the course of the Greek economy in the near future?
According to market factors, the economy exhibits straightforward trends of stabilization. However, the change in the Greek economy will come gradually as the climate still remains fragile and easily reversible, both in the interior of the country and beyond its boundaries. Within this environment, the role of companies operating in Greece is to continue to demonstrate daily their vote of confidence in the country. Of course, this effort is strengthened by the substantial contribution of the Greek State.

In Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, despite the challenges we face, we have chosen to be active, strictly defending our commitment to consolidate our presence here together with all Greek consumers in Greece, being uninterruptedly focused on the Greek market and the Greek consumer, investing dynamically and being a company that constantly evolves, provides employment and boosts the economic life of our country.