Ioannis A. Yiotis: We are committed to the support of Greeks

01 Δεκεμβρίου 2014 | Investing in Greece
Said the President & CEO of YIOTIS S.A.




With significant investment moves and actions in order to support the Greek citizens and consumers YIOTIS keeps on its track in the domestic market with a view to further development.

Can you briefly display the main aggregates of YIOTIS? Which is the company’s turnover and which is its profitability? What about its market share?
In YIOTIS we plan the development of our company in perspicacious and methodical manner. So, we lead a perfectly healthy business, whose dynamics is based on its commercial strategy, investment in research and especially in the support of its products by our customers throughout time. In 2014 the company's turnover is estimated at €86 million.



Which are the production units held by YIOTIS  and how many people does it employ?
YIOTIS facilities extend in an area of 30,000 sq.m. and are continuously upgraded through investment programs, resulting in the company’s holding one of the most contemporary machinery and the most well-equipped quality control laboratories in Europe.

With the production unit in Kifissos, the production unit in Agrinio which will be soon put into operation, and the cutting-edge distribution center, measuring up to 9,000 sq.m., YIOTIS secures its production capacity and the transport of its goods in perfect condition up to the most remote part of Greece.

However, the driving force of the company is the human factor that has been at the core of inspiration and success all these years. Giving priority to the responsible way of doing business with respect to the continued development and support of human resources, YIOTIS currently employs 360 workers.

In 2012, in a very tough moment for the Greek economy, you announced a business plan amounting to €12 million lasting until 2016. Which is the progress of it and which is its primary focus? Have any reviews been made?
Our investment plan until 2016 provides for improvements in building facilities and machinery in the plant in Agrinio, as well as actions towards achieving a wider entrepreneurial development of the company.

During 2006-2010, however, you implemented an investment plan amounting to €8 million. Which exactly investments did it involve?
During this period, there have been major improvements in the production lines of our products, such as those of baby creams, yeast and baking powder, in building facilities at the headquarters of the company and of course the new distribution center in Mandra, Attica, which came into operation in 2010.

You significantly invest in Research and Development of new products with emphasis on innovation. Which exactly is your strategy on this field and what about the investment volume? Have you planned any new products for the foreseeable future?
Our times require diversification more than ever. Only by following a diversification strategy and at the same time generating value for the consumer, can you pave the way for development. Indeed, diversification does not appear without innovation. That's why I can confess that the heart of YIOTIS beats in the Research, Development and Quality Assurance Department. The “birth” of products is a challenge for us. This, for instance, is confirmed by the groundbreaking Sweet & Balance line, which are desserts of new generation, sugar-free and of low glycemic index. It is a global innovation with international patent, which renders the dessert part of a healthy diet, even for people who suffer from diabetes. It is no coincidence that the Sweet & Balance line has been recently awarded the “Innovative Greek Product” prize.

The company is constantly studying and seeking new food ideas that combine key components of YIOTIS DNA, in other words quality, innovation in nutrition and pleasure; elements that ultimately contribute to a better quality of life.

The attitude of the company is to contribute to the collective effort of the Greeks to manage through continued investment in the Greek economy and support of the Greek family with quality products at affordable prices. Why did you place this philosophy at the center of your activity and how is it incorporated in your daily practice?
From the very first moment of its operation, YIOTIS adopted without any fanfare and attempt of redemption, the philosophy of genuine support towards the Greeks. Throughout all these years, we have been committed to continually improve the quality of our products, to spot the emerging needs and add benefits for the consumer. Our main goal is that our prices be harmonized with the current conditions and be affordable at a glance, so that every household will face a daily ally on the name of JOTIS brand. Thus, despite the significant increases in raw materials and production costs, YIOTIS has not proceeded with any increases in product prices since 2008.
Now that the difficulties for all the Greeks are even greater, YIOTIS intensifies its offers and also the actions of Social Corporate Responsibility while maintaining the job vacancies at a stable level. Βy taking also into account the number of the number of suppliers/partners and their families, developed through our operation, we are talking about a very important social imprint.

Do you presume that we can talk about the onset of recovery of the Greek economy or bigger steps should be made towards this direction?
What is currently important is to redefine our objectives and our strategy, driven by the spirit of development, while working hard and methodically. The Greek economy needs us and we need it. Hence, we, in YIOTIS, pledge to our commitment to continue to support Greece and the Greeks as we firmly believe that this is the foundation for further growth.

The company profile
The strategic goal of the company is the development and expansion of its business activity, through the search for new markets, products and consumers. For more than 80 years YIOTIS is taking care of mothers and their children by covering their needs with innovative, practical and high quality products.
This is indeed the vision of the company: create constantly innovative products, based on natural resources and always ensuring their quality. Products of high nutritional value that will be used daily in every Greek house and meet the needs of the entire family in the modern era.

Today, the company produces and delivers in the Greek market and in over 20 countries; more than 300 products that can be classified into the following categories:
• Baby food
• Confectionery products
• Cooking products
• Desserts
• Drinks
• Chocolates
• Ready to eat refrigerated products
• Products with low glycemic index (Sweet & Balance brand)
• Products rich in fiber, limited fat and calories (Fytro brand)
• Bio Products (Bio Organic brand)

Since 1995, the company is also active in HORECA industry with powder mixes for:
• Bakery
• Confectionery
• Cooking

The products of the company are exported to the following countries-continents:
• USA, Canada
• European Union
• Balkans
• Scandinavia
• Middle East
• Australia
• Africa

The course of development in Greece and abroad, its manpower and consumer loyalty in JOTIS brand, are the driving forces for YIOTIS to continue with undiminished desire to establish, develop and deliver innovative products to the community. The investment program in human resources development, technological equipment, training and expertise, is designed to remain aware and flexible in any form of information that can be used as a source of inspiration and creativity.